mondoarteroma - biography



Mariella Cruciani, born in 1947 in Rome where she now lives and works.

Her natural aptitude for art manifested itself at an early age which led her to pursue various interests in the field including: drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, restoration, scenography. frescos, engravings. This eventually paved the way for the completion ofher artistic training at the "Lyceum", specializing in art, and of a sculpting course in the Fine Arts.

As she continued to refine her skills, she had the unique opportunity to meet very important figures in the artistic field, which greatly impacted her artistic and cultural insights. The first of these meetings was with Master Sandro Trotti, who is today in charge of the painting school at the Academy of Rome. In addition, she had an extraordinary and very insightful meeting with Masters Giuseppe Capogrossi and Marino Mazzacurati, from one ofwhom she learned the techniques ofpainting, with a detailed study ofcolor and drawing, and, from the other, the techniques ofmodeling and sculpting. Both ofthese men are ofthe opinion that you should always look to the experiences ofthe great masters ofthe past to establish a solid basis for shaping your vision ofthe future.

With the rest of her time, she collaborated with a ceramic artisan in the preparation, creation and participation in various exhibitions throughout the province, and participated in various national and international cultural events. Afterwards, for several years, her collaboration with an Architectural Studio kept her away from painting, and sculpting, two old passions which reemerged prominently in the years following.